Edited by Virginia R. Dominguez (University of Illinois)

The following is an excerpt from “Taking Over the World Anthropologies Section of the American Anthropologist”:

I seek to continue . . . looking for work on practices, influences, debates, challenges, and individual anthropologists not always known in US anthropological circles, except perhaps by colleagues who work in those geographic, societal, or cultural areas. I also aim to make these contributions as interactive, open for discussion, and readable as possible, especially given the broad range of anthropologists and interested others who read the journal in the United States and around the world.

The forthcoming issues of American Anthropologist illustrate this well.  The most recent issue includes medium-length essays by colleagues in seven countries (and five continents) on cultural heritage (its management and its politics), along with a foreword by Virginia R. Dominguez wrote and an introduction and interview by Helaine Silverman. Included are essays about Malta, Lebanon, South Africa, Peru, Thailand, Australia, and the United States The next issue, which will come out in June 2017, will include two lengthy interviews by Vinicius Kaue Ferreira (a Brazilian doctoral candidate in anthropology at the EHESS in Paris): one with Soumendra Patnaik (in Delhi, India) and the other with Chandana Mathur (in Maynooth, Ireland). It also will include an essay by a Brazilian colleague critiquing Brazilian development projects in Africa, accompanied by commentaries from colleagues in Iran, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Brazil itself. The September 2017 will include at least six essays on the rise of right-wing movements, xenophobia, and intolerance in many different parts of the world, along with a foreword coauthored by Virginia R. Dominguez and Emily Metzner. Colleagues writing those essays are anthropologists based in Poland, Finland, the Netherlands, Argentina, Japan, and India.

The section welcomes submissions of different types and in languages other than English, and the associate editor is committed to translating them or getting them translated into English for publication in the journal.