Anthropological Airwaves: Special Feature on “The Military Present”

In the first episode of this special feature, Vasiliki Touhouliotis and Emily Sogn present us with an anthropologically informed view of the militarized logics operating in our public discourse and speak with Dr. Joseph P. Masco (Chicago) to help historicize these logics and discourses to understand the work that they do in creating our "military present."

Anthropologies of Tourism

The December 2017 issue features a World Anthropologies section on the anthropologies of tourism. In the foreword, Noel B. Salazar argues that “mainstream scholarship seems mostly unaware of ‘Other’ anthropologies of tourism.” The essays and commentaries in this section attempt to remedy this. Foreword Anthropologies of Tourism: What’s in a Name? Noel B. Salazar  Essays Development, Power,…