Anthropologies of Tourism

The December 2017 issue features a World Anthropologies section on the anthropologies of tourism. In the foreword, Noel B. Salazar argues that “mainstream scholarship seems mostly unaware of ‘Other’ anthropologies of tourism.” The essays and commentaries in this section attempt to remedy this. Foreword Anthropologies of Tourism: What’s in a Name? Noel B. Salazar  Essays Development, Power,…

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 8

In this episode, we catch up with Dr. Laurence Ralph (Harvard) at the AAAs to talk about his ethnographic work on violence, injury, and healing on Chicago's South Side.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 7

In Episode 7, we sat down with Ralph Holloway (Columbia) and Shara Bailey (NYU) to talk about the different methods biological anthropologists use to study human evolution through comparative anatomy and more!

The Workshop Sketchbook

This online sketchbook accompanies the essay, “Drawing as Radical Multimodality: Salvaging Patrick Geddes’s Material Methodology," and illustrates how drawing can be used in ethnographic research and reflection.