June 2018 Issue Out Now!

The June 2018 issue of American Anthropologist features two research articles, a roundtable, four year-in-review essays, fourteen book reviews, Alisse Waterston's 2017 AAA presidential address, and more!

Minecraft Multimodal

“Minecraft Multimodal” was presented at the 2018 joint SVA/SCA conference, “Displacements.” It summarizes the multimodal editors’ philosophies and introduces some of the work that has been published in the section.

Anthropological Airwaves: The Military Present, Episode 3

The third episode of this special feature, “The Military Present,” includes an interview with Wazhmah Osman, filmmaker and professor of media studies and production. Osman focuses on the United States’s dropping of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) - the largest and most powerful nonnuclear weapon ever used - in Afghanistan in April of 2017.

From the Archives: Neoliberal Precarities

In this series, our contributing editors reflect on a set of articles from the archives of American Anthropologist that speaks to their research interests. Here, Naomi Zucker explores how the concept of precarity bridges political economy and more affective approaches to life within neoliberalism.