Coedited by Yarimar Bonilla (Rutgers University) and Adia Benton (Northwestern University)

“Rethinking Public Anthropologies in the Digital Age: Toward a New Dialogue”

In the launch essay for Public Anthropologies, coeditors Adia Benton and Yarimar Bonilla discuss their plans for the section. They talk about the particularities of public anthropology in the digital age, what kind of approaches will be highlighted in the section, and how submissions will be evaluated. To submit a piece to public anthropologies, please consult our guidelines and write to us directly at: And get the latest Public Anthropologies news on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


“De-Provincializing Development” Series

This series examines the United Nations’ newly established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click the link to view the posts for each goal.

Forum on “Unrequited Engagement”

November 6, 2018

A forum on the article "Unrequited Engagement: Misadventures in Advocating for Medicaid Expansion" by Emily K. Brunson, Jessica M. Mulligan, Elise Andaya, Milena A. Melo, and Susan Sered.

What to Know about Race and Voting in America

October 29, 2018

In this post, Emily Weisenberger discusses voting rights and efforts to combat voter suppression in US elections.

Cities and Urban Planning: Missing Dialogues

October 23, 2018

In this post, Britt Dahlberg reflects on ways to expand public dialogue about creating safe and inclusive cities.

The Gruel of Law

October 8, 2018

In this post, Darryl Li explores some of the myths around courts and the rule of law, and comments on the recent Kavanaugh hearings.

Imagining an End to Poverty: New UN Sustainable Development Goals and the United States

September 25, 2018

In this post, Angelique Haugerud examines the politics of poverty and how we measure economic progress.

Decentralizing Energy

July 3, 2018

In this post, Myles Lennon and Douglas Rogers consider the promises and potential pitfalls of decentralized energy systems.

Cover the Earth: Reclaiming Life and Land through the Prism of a Green Aesthetic

June 12, 2018

In this post, Kath Weston pushes us to think beyond "green" forms of environmentalism.

Gender-Based Violence in the US

April 3, 2018

In this post, Sameena Mulla calls for an expanded understanding of gender-based violence in the US and our possible responses to it.

Held Back: The Reluctance to Adopt a Human Rights Approach to Education in the US

March 20, 2018

In this post, Amanda Walker Johnson explores why the US has struggled to achieve real equity in public education.

Infrastructures, Disposed (De-Provincializing Development)

February 27, 2018

In this post, Catherine Fennell explores the issues around developing and disposing of public infrastructure—and how people are affected by infrastructural decay.