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In their introduction to this special section, editors Aisha Beliso-De Jesús and Jemima Pierre write:

To speak of global white supremacy is to point to the racial dimensions of an international power system that includes an ideology of white (broadly defined) racial superiority and its related sets of practices. However, it remains difficult to operationalize the historical reality of white supremacy within anthropological theory and practice. For even as mainstream anthropology has acknowledged the significance of race, it has yet to thoroughly engage the role of white supremacy, especially global white supremacy, as part and parcel of the baseline understanding and functioning of the modern world. In anthropological treatments of the postcolonial state, the emergence and consolidation of neoliberalism, or even in current popular trends, such as work on the “Anthropocene” and the “ontological turn,” an analysis of white supremacy is often missing. This is so even when there are mentions of race and racialization. How can we as anthropologists speak of neoliberalism, for example, without keeping in constant view the context of white privilege and power that structure both global capitalism and (post/neo)colonialism?

The articles in this section focus “not simply on race but also on the processes, epistemologies, ontologies, and structural relations of white supremacy globally.” See below for links to the rest of the section.

Toward an Anthropology of White Supremacy
Aisha Beliso-De Jesús and Jemima Pierre

On the Persistence of White Supremacy: Indigenous Migrant Experience and the Structures of Settler Capitalism
Shannon Speed

The Racial Vernaculars of Development: A View from West Africa
Jemima Pierre

Anthropology and the Riddle of White Supremacy
Junaid Rana

Nothing Sells like Whiteness: Race, Ontology, and American Advertising
Shalini Shankar

Raciontologies: Rethinking Anthropological Accounts of Institutional Racism and Enactments of White Supremacy in the United States
Jonathan Rosa and Vanessa Díaz

The Making of Richard Zuley: The Ignored Linkages between the US Criminal Justice System and the International Security State
Laurence Ralph

The Jungle Academy: Molding White Supremacy in American Police Recruits
Aisha Beliso-De Jesús

The Resurgent Far Right and the Black Feminist Struggle for Social Democracy in Brazil
Keisha-Khan Perry

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