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The new issue features a timely and important World Anthropologies special section on “Nativism, Nationalism, and Xenophobia: What Anthropologists Do And Have Done.” In their foreword, Virginia R. Dominguez and Emily Metzner provide an overview of the seven essays, which reflect on “developments in many countries, in the recent past as well as in the contemporary moment, where anthropologists have had to live and work in environments that most found too nativist, too nationalist, too protectionist, and downright xenophobic and intolerant. Put differently, most colleagues included here describe periods, actions, practices, activities, representations, and/or rhetoric they find antithetical to anthropology.” As they remind us, “Anthropology is not a homogeneous field, but it does tend to see itself as standing for equality, human rights, social justice, respect for diversity, and indeed even fighting for the underdog. When so many of our colleagues around the world tell the stories of incidents they have witnessed that go against those widespread anthropological values, it is time for us to pause and contemplate our response(s).”

A banner on the fence outside the Casa Rosada in Argentina with a message of protest against the administration of President Mauricio Macri for its incarceration of Milagro Sala. Source: Wikipedia.

Special Section on Nativism, Nationalism, and Xenophobia: What Anthropologists Do And Have Done
Virginia R. Dominguez and Emily Metzner

A New Tide of Racism, Xenophobia, and Islamophobia in Europe: Polish Anthropologists Swim Against the Current
Michał Buchowski

Anxious Politics in Postcolonial Europe
Anouk de Koning and Wayne Modest

Academic Freedom and the Future of Anthropology in India
Tuhina Ganguly

Relations and Separations
Sarah Green

Notes about Racist Argentina and a Class-Based Government
Mariano Perelman

Through Thick and Thin: Brazilian Anthropology’s Political Epochs
Carmen Silvia de Moraes Rial and Miriam Pillar Grossi

Antiracist Knowledge Production: Bridging Subdisciplines and Regions
Yasuko Takezawa


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