Volume 121, Issue 3

From the Editor

Crisis, Epochal Shifts, and Conceptual Disenchantment

Deborah A. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief 


Research Articles

In War and Peace: Shifting Narratives of Violence in Kurdish Istanbul

Onur Günay


The Rise and Fall of “Civil Society” in Bolivia

Miriam Shakow


Dehumanization in War and Peace: Encounters with Lebanon’s Ex-Militia Fighters

Sami Hermez


Towards an Integrated Anthropology of Infant Sleep

Helen L. Ball, Cecilia Tomori, and James J. McKenna


Taming the Ontological Wolves: Learning from Iroquoian Effigy Objects

Craig Cipolla


“What Are We Doing to These Shoshone People?”: The Ontological Politics of a Shoshone Grinding Stone

Ryan S. Morini


Why Don’t Anthropologists Care about Learning (or Education or School)? An Immodest Proposal for an Integrative Anthropology of Learning Whose Time Has Finally Come

Susan D. Blum


Learning “Merit” in a Chinese Preschool: Bringing the Anthropological Perspective to Understanding Moral Development

Jing Xu


There’s an App for That: Telecom, Children’s Rights, and Conflicting Logics of Corporate Social Responsibility

Leigh Campoamor


Anecdotes in Primatology: Temporal Trends, Anthropocentrism, and Hierarchies of Knowledge

Malcolm S. Ramsay and Julie A. Teichroeb


Painted by Default: Public Shaming and Graffiti on the Homefront

Susan Ellison


Vital Topics Forum

Voicing the Ancestors: Readings for the Present from Anthropology’s Past

Ira Bashkow, Carolyn Rouse, Grant Arndt, Arzoo Osanloo, and Rena Lederman


World Anthropologies


Virginia R. Dominguez



Channels and Barriers in the Nascent Dialogue Between Cuban and Foreign Anthropologists

Martin Holbraad


An Interview with Emma Gobin about Her Anthropological Research in Cuba

Emma Gobin and Virginia R. Dominguez


The Influence of Menorca and Catalonia on the Intellectual Formation of Fernando Ortiz

María del Rosario Díaz


Social Imaginary, Memory Sticks, and Plastic Bags in Cuba

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier


Tourism, Migration, and Back in Cuba

Valerio Simoni


From Gringa to Yuma: Slow Arrival in Cuba

Ellen Moodie



Cuba: Anthropological Imaginaries, Flows, and Comparisons

Gustavo Lins Ribeiro


Cuba Otherwise and the Power of Spatial Representation

Matilde Cordoba-Azcarate


Multimodal Anthropologies


Ethno/Graphic Storytelling: Communicating Research and Exploring Pedagogical Approaches through Graphic Narratives, Drawings, and Zines

Sonya Atalay, Letizia Bonanno, Sally Campbell Galman, Sarah Jacqz, Ryan Rybka, Jen Shannon, Cary Speck, John Swogger, Erica Wolencheck


Book Reviews

Single Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)

Brković: Managing Ambiguity: How Clientelism, Citizenship, and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Brown)

Carlson and Bement: The Archaeology of Large-Scale Manipulation of Prey: The Economic and Social Dynamics of Mass Hunting (Lemke)

Duncan: Transforming Therapy: Mental Health Practice and Cultural Change in Mexico (Reyes-Foster)

Franquesa: Power Struggles: Dignity, Value, and the Renewable Energy Frontier in Spain (Abram)

Harrower: Water Histories and Spatial Archaeology: Ancient Yemen and the American West (Rayne)

Makley: The Battle for Fortune: State-Led Development, Personhood, and Power among Tibetans in China (Smyer Yü)

Mueggler: Songs for Dead Parents: Corpse, Text, and World in Southwest China (Chau)

Munro: Dreams Made Small: The Education of Papuan Highlanders in Indonesia (Zubrinich)

Posecznick: Selling Hope and College: Merit, Markets, and Recruitment in an Unranked School (Limerick)

Robertson: Robo Sapiens Japanicus: Robots, Gender, Family, and the Japanese Nation (Marshall)

Taussig: Palma Africana (Chao)

Wilson: Mississippian Beginnings (Meyers)



Wendy Ashmore (1948–2019)

Edward Schortman and Patricia Urban


ON THE COVER: A single wall in El Alto becomes a canvass for expressing support for—and for challenging—Bolivian president Evo Morales, as MAS-supporting artists and opponents paint over each other. (Photograph by Susan Ellison)