Volume 119, Number 1 (March 2017)

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From the Editor
On the Transition
Deborah A. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief           

Presidential Address
114th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Denver, CO, November 21, 2015
Dr. Esperanto, or, Anthropology as Alternative Worlds
Monica Heller

Research Articles
Diaspora and the Afterlife of Violence: Eritrean National Narratives and What Goes Without Saying
Victoria Bernal

A Dog’s Life: Suffering Humanitarianism in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Greg Beckett

Anthropological Ethics and the Communicative Affordances of Audio-Video Recorders in Ethnographic Fieldwork: Transduction as Theory
Steven P. Black

Mobilizations of Race, Place, and History in Santiago de Cuba’s Carnivalesque
Kristina Wirtz

Proximations of Public Religion: Worship, Spiritual Warfare, and the Ritualization of Christian Dance
Omri Elisha

Politics of Time on the Southwest Frontier of China’s Han Empire
Alice Yao

Behavioral Ecology, Technology, and the Organization of Labor: How a Shift from Spear Thrower to Self Bow Exacerbates Social Disparities
Brigid Grund

World Anthropologies
Special Section on Cultural Heritage/Management
Virginia R. Dominguez

Managing the Past, Engaging the Present: An Interview with Douglas C. Comer, President, ICAHM (ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management)
Helaine Silverman

Heritage Management, Tourism, and World Heritage on Malta
Reuben Grima

Heritage Management and the Community in Lebanon
Assaad Seif

World Heritage and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Webber Ndoro

Indigenous Archaeological Heritage in Australia: Definition and Management of Sites
Ian Lilley

Archaeological Heritage Management in Thailand
Thanik Lertcharnrit

The Making of a New National Museum in Peru
Alvaro Higueras

The Scope of US National Park Service Archaeology at Home and Abroad
Teresa S. Moyer, David A. Gadsby, and Stephen Morris

Multimodal Anthropologies
Multimodality: An Invitation
Samuel Gerald Collins, Matthew Durington, and Harjant Gill

Anthropology, Film, Pedagogy, and Social Change: Reflections from an Experimental Course
Lauren Kelly, Neha Raheel, Juliet Shen, and Arjun Shankar

Public Anthropologies
Rethinking Public Anthropologies in the Digital Age: Towards a New Dialogue
Adia Benton and Yarimar Bonilla

Book Reviews
Single Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)
Billaud: Kabul Carnival: Gender Politics in Postwar Afghanistan (Dossa)
Buchbinder: All in Your Head: Making Sense of Pediatric Pain (Clemente)
Cohen: Eating Soup with a Spoon: Anthropological Theory and Method in the Real World (Breglia)
Friedman: Exceptional States: Chinese Immigrants and Taiwanese Sovereignty (Chien)
Gressier: At Home in the Okavango: White Batswana Narratives of Emplacement and Belonging (Lawy)
Hirschfeld: Gangster States: Organized Crime, Kleptocracy, and Political Collapse (Sanchez)
Mankekar: Unsettling India: Affect, Temporality, Transnationality (Shukla)
Middleton: The Demands of Recognition: State Anthropology and Ethnopolitics in Darjeeling (Sen)
Naguib: Nurturing Masculinities: Men, Food, and Family in Contemporary Egypt (Fabos)
O’Connor and van Esterik: From Virtue to Vice: Negotiating Anorexia (Shohet)
Romero: Language and Ethnicity among the K’ichee’ Maya (Shoaps)
Rosen: Two Arabs, a Berber, and a Jew: Entangled Lives in Morocco (Levy)
Snell-Rood: No One Will Let Her Live: Women’s Struggle for Well-Being in a Delhi Slum (Jervis Read)
Stout: After Love: Queer Intimacy and Erotic Economies in Post-Soviet Cuba (Tankha)
Vermeulen: Before Boas: The Genesis of Ethnography and Ethnology in the German Enlightenment (Wardle)

Harold C. Conklin (1926–2016)
Michael R. Dove

Tamás Hofer (1929–2016)
Susan Gal

William A. Longacre II (1937–2015)
Michael W. Graves and James Skibo