Volume 120, Number 2 (June 2018)

From the Editor
What We Reap
Deborah A. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

Research Articles
Building Beyond the Bypass Road: Urban Migration, Ritual Eating, and the Fate of the Joint Family in Patna, India
Hayden Kantor

The Value of Reproductive Labor
David Griffith, Kerry Preibisch, and Ricardo Contreras 

“Many Seasons Ago”: Slavery and Its Rejection among Foragers on the Pacific Coast of North America
David Wengrow and David Graeber 

Les Field, Ben Fitzhugh, and Colin Grier

David Wengrow and David Graeber

Presidential Address
116th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC, December 2, 2017
Four Stories, a Lament, and an Affirmation
Alisse Waterston (supplementary material)

The Year in Review
The Year in Genetic Anthropology: New Lands, New Technologies, New Questions
Omer Gokcumen

Linguistic Anthropology in 2017: It Could Be Otherwise
Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Finding Archaeology in 2017: What Is Archaeology and Why Are We Doing It? Why Should We Be Doing It?
Krista Lewis

Time and Relational Possibility: Cultural Anthropology in 2017
Noah Tamarkin

World Anthropologies
Special Section on Genomics

Virginia R. Dominguez and Ripan S. Malhi

(C)ELSI-us: Reducing Friction with Indigenous Communities in Genomic Research
Māui Hudson, Phillip Wilcox, Barry Smith, Angela Beaton, Moe Milne, and Khyla Russell

“Pop-Up” Métis and the Rise of Canada’s Post-Indigenous Formation
Jessica Kolopenuk

Genomics and Working with Indigenous Communities in the Pacific
Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith

From Genetics to Identity and Back Again: Genetic Continuity and Indian Reemergence in Uruguay
Mónica Sans and Gonzalo Figueiro

Interview with Maria Cátira Bortolini, Anthropological Geneticist
Maria Cátira Bortolini, Virginia R. Dominguez, and Ripan Malhi

Interview with Christiana L. Scheib, Cambridge University, UK and Estonian Biocentre, Tartu, Estonia
Christiana L. Scheib and Virginia R. Dominguez

Multimodal Anthropologies
A Hand-Drawn Conference Review
Charlotte Hollands 

Response to Hollands
Alisse Waterston

Conference Review: AnthropologyCon 2017
Samuel Gerald Collins, Matthew Durington, Edward González-Tennant, Krista Harper, Marc Lorenc and Nick Mizer 

Film Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)
Carli-Jones and Lefkowitz (dirs.): China Remix (Blumenfield)
Roussillon (dir.): I Am the People (Je Suis Le Peuple) (Gruber)

Book Reviews
Single Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)
Coleman: A Moral Technology: Electrification as Political Ritual in New Delhi (Solomon)
Garcia: Listening for Africa: Freedom, Modernity, and the Logic of Black Music’s African Origins (Skinner)
Moyer: Ancestors of Worthy Life: Plantation Slavery and Black Heritage at Mount Clare (Marshall)
Miller: Ancestral Mounds: Vitality and Volatility of Native America (Kassabaum)
Zborover and Kroefges: Bridging the Gaps: Integrating Archaeology and History in Oaxaca, Mexico (Joyce)
West: Dispossession and the Environment: Rhetoric and Inequality in Papua New Guinea (Smith)
Trnka: One Blue Child: Asthma, Responsibility, and the Politics of Global Health (Van Sickle)
Cosminsky: Midwives and Mothers: The Medicalization of Childbirth on a Guatemalan Plantation (Van Teijlingen)
Bridges: The Poverty of Privacy Rights (Lawson Clark)
Hodgson: Gender, Justice, and the Problem of Culture: From Customary Law to Human Rights in Tanzania (Stiles)
Plemons: The Look of a Woman: Facial Feminization Surgery and the Aims of Trans-Medicine (Labuski)
Pelkmans: Fragile Conviction: Changing Ideological Landscapes in Urban Kyrgyzstan (Reeves)
Desjarlais: Subject to Death: Life and Loss in a Buddhist World (Aulino)
Bergendorff: Kinship and Human Evolution: Making Culture, Becoming Human (Read) 

Jean L. Briggs (1929–2016)
Pamela Stern

David Warwick Brokensha (1923–2017)
Peter Castro and Miriam S. Chaiken

Nancy Oestreich Lurie (1924–2017)
Grant Arndt