Volume 121, Number 1 (February 2019)

From the Editor
Death and Renewal
Deborah A. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief 

Biological and Evolutionary Perspectives in American Anthropologist: An Editorial Provocation
Adam P. Van Arsdale and Mary K. Shenk

Research Articles
The Social Network of US Academic Anthropology and Its Inequalities
Nicholas C. Kawa, Jose A. Clavijo Michelangeli, Jessica L. Clark, Daniel Ginsberg, and Christopher McCarty

The Emergence of Shell Valuable Exchange in the New Guinea Highlands
Dylan Gaffney, Glenn R. Summerhayes, Katherine Szabo, and Brent Koppel

Planting and Performing: Anxiety, Aspiration, and “Scripts” in Telangana Cotton Farming
Andrew Flachs

The Unsociability of Commercial Seafaring: Language Practice and Ideology in Maritime Technocracy
Sonia N. Das

Strangership and Social Media: Moral Imaginaries of Gendered Strangers in Rural China
Tom McDonald

Protecting the Passport: Defending US Borders Built in the United Arab Emirates
Shaundel Sanchez

Performing Alterity of Desire: Bodiliness and Sexuality in Spirit Mediumship in Northeast Thailand
Visisya Pinthongvijayakul

Crossing Bodily, Social, and Intimate Boundaries: How Class, Ethnic, and Gender Differences are Reproduced in Medical Training in Mexico
Vania Smith-Oka and Megan K. Marshalla

Intersections of Insecurity, Nurturing, and Resilience: A Case Study of Turkana Women of Kenya
Ivy L. Pike

Yellow Woman: Suspicion and Cooperation on Liberia’s Gold Mines
Danny Hoffman

Cultures, Open and in Process: An Interview with Ulf Hannerz
Kevin A. Yelvington and Rodrigo Martins Ramassote

Vital Topics Forum
What Happened to Social Facts?
Karen Ho and Jillian R. Cavanaugh

“This Is Not Normal”: Are Social Facts Finished?
Carol J. Greenhouse

The Making of Racial Caste in Post-Truth America
Michael Partis

Liberal Bias: The New “Reverse Racism” in the Trump Era
Carolyn Rouse

Patriarchy for Profit: Reflections on Some Social Facts
Sherry B. Ortner

“Build the Wall!”: Post-Truth on the US-Mexico Border
Hilary Parsons Dick

How Trump’s Populism Shapes the Uptake of New Social Facts
Adam Hodges

Austerity Lives in Southern Europe: Experience, Knowledge, Evidence, and Social Facts\
Susana Narotzky

Ludic Authoritarianism
Alexander S. Dent

Science, Truth, and the American Way
Karen-Sue Taussig

What Is Secrecy and How Can We Understand Its Relation to Social Facts?
Erin Debenport

World Anthropologies
Translation, Its Inequalities, and Its Difficulties
Virginia R. Dominguez

Publishing Translations
Michael Chibnik 

World Order of Languages, Public Anthropology, Translations
Ulf Hannerz

The Ups and Downs of Translation
Jorge Hernández Díaz

Closures beyond Translations
Ayse Caglar

Crafting Linguistic Traditions, Engaging Writing Teams
Michel Bouchard

Interview of Peter-Jazzy Ezeh by Virginia Dominguez and Emily Metzner on the Subject of Translation
Peter-Jazzy Ezeh, Virginia R. Dominguez, and Emily Metzner

Interview of Sachiko Kubota by Virginia Dominguez on the Subject of Translation
Sachiko Kubota and Virginia Dominguez

Multimodal Anthropologies
Special Series on Multimodal Inventions
Introduction: Multimodal Anthropology and the Politics of Invention
Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan and Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

Photography, Listening, Pedagogy, and Anthropological (Re-)Inventions
Arjun Shankar

The Sensible Life of Return: Collaborative Experiments in Art and Anthropology in Palestine/Israel
Kiven Strohm

Film Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)
Kissel (dir.): Cotton Road: A Supply Chain Journey (Chio)
Sudbury (dir.): Village Tales (Mathew)

Book Reviews
Special Book Review Section on The Seductions of Quantification by Sally Engle Merry
Success through Failure: Translation, Temporal Tricks, and Numeric Concept-Work
Andrea Ballestero

Magical Thinking
Denise Brennan

A Measure of the Measure of Measuring
Nayanika Mathur

The Gender of the Number
Diane M. Nelson

Counting Uncountables
Katherine Verdery

Anthropology and the Perils of Quantification
Sally Engle Merry

Single Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)
Biruk: Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World (Tousignant)
Brooks: The Importance of British Material Culture to the Historical Archaeologies of the Nineteenth Century (Nevell)
Dick: Words of Passage: National Longing and Imagined Lives of Mexican Migrants (Orellana)
Falls: White Gold: Stories of Breast Milk Sharing (Wilson)
García-Des Lauriers and Love: Archaeology and Identity on the Pacific Coast and Southern Highlands of Mesoamerica (Blomster)
Hargrave et al.: Transforming the Dead: Culturally Modified Bone in the Prehistoric Midwest (Hatch)
Hassig: Polygamy and the Rise and Demise of the Aztec Empire (Evans)
Hutchinson: Disease and Discrimination: Poverty and Pestilence in Colonial Atlantic America (Horning)
Ives: Steeped in Heritage: The Racial Politics of South African Rooibos Tea (Hull)
Mahdavi: Crossing the Gulf: Love and Family in Migrant Lives (Fernandez)
Schmidt and Pikirayi: Community Archaeology and Heritage in Africa: Decolonizing Practice (Smith)
Smith: To Be a Man Is Not a One-Day Job: Masculinity, Money, and Intimacy in Nigeria (Gaibazzi)

ON THE COVER: Ritual exchange, Tsembaga. Shells, shell valuables, steel axes, woven armbands. (Courtesy of Roy Rappaport Papers, Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego)