Volume 121, Number 4

From the Editor

The Question of Audience

Deborah A. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief 


Research Articles

Consumption, Temporality, and Celebration in Contemporary Santiago de Cuba

Hanna Garth


Candomblé and the Academic’s Tools: Religious Expertise and the Binds of Recognition in Brazil

Elina Inkeri Hartikainen


The Life of Winds: Knowing the Namibian Weather from Someplace and from Noplace

Michael Schnegg


White Parents, Black Care: Entanglements of Race and Kinship in American Transracial Adoption

Kathryn A. Mariner


Shouldering Moral Responsibility: The Division of Moral Labor among Pregnant Women, Rabbis, and Doctors

Tsipy Ivry and Elly Teman


Detection, Deception, and Migrant Illegality in the India-Bangladesh Borderlands

Sahana Ghosh


Money and Blood: Remittances as a Substance of Relatedness in Transnational Families in Nepal

Ina Zharkevich


Guanyin’s Limbo: Icons as Demi-Persons and Dividuating Objects

David Palmer, Martin Tse, and Chip Colwell


Laughing about Corruption in Ethiopian-Chinese Encounters

Miriam Driessen


World Anthropologies


Virginia R. Dominguez and Emily Metzner



Anthropology and Nationalism

Aleksandar Bošković



Anthropology and Resurgent Nationalism

Thomas Reuter


Invisible Anthropologies in National and World Anthropologies

Ricardo A. Fagoaga Hernández


Against Nationalism and the Idea of Auxiliary Anthropologies

Michał Buchowski



Vesna Vučinić Nešković by Virginia R. Dominguez


Multimodal Anthropologies

Film Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)

Allégret, dir.: Travels in Congo (Bergère)

Suri, dir.: Around India with a Movie Camera (Murray)

Lessac, dir.: A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake (Auerbach)


Book Reviews

Single Reviews (reviewer in parentheses)

Alber: Transfers of Belonging: Child Fostering in West Africa in the 20th Century (Schachter)

Conlee: Beyond the Nasca Lines: Ancient Life at La Tiza in the Peruvian Desert (Beresford-Jones)

Costa: The Owners of Kinship: Asymmetrical Relations in Indigenous Amazonia (Van Vleet)

Faust and Richter: The Huasteca: Culture, History and Interregional Exchange (Strauss)

Holbrock: Mayan Literacy Reinvention in Guatemala (Romero)

Jones: Magic’s Reason: An Anthropology of Analogy (Stevens)

Jones and Codding: Foragers on America’s Western Edge: The Archaeology of California’s Pecho Coast (Jazwa)

Masquelier: Fada: Boredom and Belonging in Niger (Mains)

Mendoza: The Patagonian Sublime: The Green Economy and Post-Neoliberal Politics (Azenha)

Shankar: Beeline: What Spelling Bees Reveal about Generation Z’s New Path to Success (Blum)

Van der Sijpt: Wasted Wombs: Navigating Reproductive Interruptions in Cameroon (Sargent)

Vann: Languages and Silence in the German-Polish Borderland (Sandberg)



Charles Goodwin (1943–2018)

Frederick Erickson


Sydel Silverman (1933–2019)

Jane Schneider


Deanna Trakas (1943–2016)

Athena McLean


ON THE COVER: Ms. Tang, a Guanyin follower, prays to the abandoned statues

at Wah Fu. (Photograph by Chip Colwell, 2018)