In 2017 the American Anthropologist website launched its Contributing Editors Program to train a select group of graduate students in online academic publishing. Contributing editors work with the editor-in-chief and the managing editor to solicit, produce, and edit content for the American Anthropologist website, and manage the journal’s social media pages.

Program Coordinator
Sean Mallin
Managing Editor, American Anthropologist

Contributing Editors
Nandita Badami (University of California, Irvine)
Research interests: technologies and politics of renewability; the material production of alternatives; sunlight and solar energy; energopolitics; cultures of repair; circular economies; climate change; noncapital; India

Evan Conaway (University of California, Irvine)
Research interests: digital anthropology; virtual worlds; place; memory and longing; queer studies; ownership and possession; materiality; infrastructures and environments

Rachel Howard (University of Chicago)
Research interests: care and the state; Christianity; NGOs and urban welfare; semiotics; disciplinary regimes and subjectivity; scandal and finance; language of politics; ethnography; United States

Channah Leff (University of South Florida)
Research interests: medical anthropology; mental health and illness; eating disorders; food; food systems;  agriculture; noncommunicable diseases; global health; gender, race, and class

Ashley Peles (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Research interests: foodways; feasting; archaeobotany; zooarchaeology; digital archaeology; 3D reconstruction; open data; Southeastern archaeology

Negar Razavi (University of Pennsylvania)
Research interests: anthropology of the state; US foreign policy; experts; security; Iran; Egypt

Jaime Sykes (University of South Florida)
Research interests: necropolitics; structural inequalities in the medicolegal system; studying up; dental anthropology; trauma analysis; mortuary archaeology; human rights

Fatima Tassadiq (University of Pennsylvania)
Research interests: state-citizen relations; urban development; materiality; infrastructures; South Asia

Anthony Tricarico (University of South Florida)
Research interests: environmental anthropology; geoarchaeology; Caribbean archaeology; Mesoamerican archaeology; geographic information systems (GIS); agricultural terracing; urban agriculture

Emily Weisenberger (University of South Florida)
Research interests: applied anthropology; institutions of criminal justice; race and power; visual anthropology; structural violence theory; critical race theory; public policy; activist anthropology

Leniqueca Welcome (University of Pennsylvania)
Research interests: securitization; violence; postcolonial studies; state theory; critical race theory; spatial theory; visuality; the Caribbean

Tali Ziv (University of Pennsylvania)
Research interests: psychological anthropology’ psychoanalysis; political economy; the radical Black tradition; United States

Naomi Zucker (University of Pennsylvania)
Research interests: incarceration; medical anthropology and science studies; power, citizenship, and the state; care and affect; critical theory; United States