Anthropological Airwaves: Special Feature on “The Military Present”

In the first episode of this special feature, Vasiliki Touhouliotis and Emily Sogn present us with an anthropologically informed view of the militarized logics operating in our public discourse and speak with Dr. Joseph P. Masco (Chicago) to help historicize these logics and discourses to understand the work that they do in creating our "military present."

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 8

In this episode, we catch up with Dr. Laurence Ralph (Harvard) at the AAAs to talk about his ethnographic work on violence, injury, and healing on Chicago's South Side.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 7

In Episode 7, we sat down with Ralph Holloway (Columbia) and Shara Bailey (NYU) to talk about the different methods biological anthropologists use to study human evolution through comparative anatomy and more!

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 6

In this episode of Anthropological Airwaves, we interview Carolyn Rouse and Brent Luvaas about their multimodal research into various projects of self-making and becoming in religious and fashion media.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 5

This episode features timely interviews with Jason De León and Hilary Parsons Dick about immigration policy and immigration discourse in relation to Trump's border wall as well as the roles and responsibilities that anthropologists have in the public sphere.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 4

This episode features interviews with Monique Scott and Salam Al Kuntar about museums and how they engage with different publics through their exhibitions and programming.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 3

This episode features an interview with Damien Stankiewicz about his recent article in American Anthropologist, "Against Imagination: On the Ambiguities of a Composite Concept," and his thoughts on anthropology's public engagement conundrums.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 2

This episode features interviews with Nazia Kazi and Mariam Durrani about the present realities and historical continuities of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism in America.

Anthropological Airwaves: Episode 1

Anthropological Airwaves is a new podcast that explores the craft of anthropology in all of its forms. Episode 1 includes an interview with Deborah Thomas about her vision for the journal and website as well as a discussion about the nexus of race and science.