March 2021 Issue Out Now!

This issue includes an introduction from new editor-in chief Elizabeth Chin, ten research articles, a Multimodal Anthropologies reflection from the outgoing editors, a commentary on doing anthropology in the age of COVID and more!

March 2019 Issue Out Now!

This issue features ten research articles, a Vital Topics Forum on "What Happened to Social Facts," an editorial from our biological anthropology section editors, a special series on "Multimodal Interventions," a special book review section, and more!

June 2018 Issue Out Now!

The June 2018 issue of American Anthropologist features two research articles, a roundtable, four year-in-review essays, fourteen book reviews, Alisse Waterston's 2017 AAA presidential address, and more!

September 2017 Issue Out Now!

The September 2017 issue of American Anthropologist features eight research articles, a special section on "Nativism, Nationalism, and Xenophobia," an essay on design approaches to multimodal anthropologies, and more.