We are seeking applications for contributing editors at American Anthropologist. This team of six to eight graduate students will serve a two-year term, working closely with the managing editor and members of the editorial board on the journal’s website, including supplementary material, author interviews, virtual issues, and multimodal content.

This program will offer opportunities for contributing editors to develop skills and build networks that will serve them in their future careers, whether inside or outside the academy. In particular, contributing editors will gain experience in several facets of academic publishing, including manuscript review and editing, website design, and multimedia content production. They will also have access to mentorship and professional development opportunities based on their interests.

This program is open to graduate students in master’s or doctoral programs from all subfields of anthropology. Please submit your application and CV through Google Forms here.

The deadline for applications is January 4, 2021

If you have any questions or issues completing the application, please contact Sean Mallin (smallin@americananthro.org).

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