Anthropological Airwaves is a podcast that explores the craft of anthropology in all of its forms. Building on the journal’s commitment to four-field, multimodal research, the podcast hosts conversations about anthropological projects—from fieldwork and publishing to the discipline’s role in public debates. By demystifying the craft of anthropology, the podcast broaches a series of fundamental questions about past, present, and future disciplinary practice, and charts new paths for anthropological engagement.

Episode 5 features timely interviews with Jason De León and Hilary Parsons Dick about immigration policy and immigration discourse in relation to Trump’s border wall as well as the roles and responsibilities that anthropologists have in the public sphere.

For more on these issues from American Anthropologist, check out our virtual issue on “Migration and Immigration”—which includes Jason De León’s “‘Better to be Hot than Caught’: Excavating the Conflicting Roles of Migrant Material Culture” (2012)—and a new article from Hilary Parsons Dick, Una Gabacha Sinvergüenza (A Shameless White-Trash Woman): Moral Mobility and Interdiscursivity in a Mexican Migrant Community” (2017).


Executive Producer – Arjun Shankar
Producer and Interviewer – Diego Arispe-Bazán
Editors – Nooshin Sadeghsamimi and Kyle Olson

Calle 13 feat. Orishas – “Pa’l Norte”
Gustavo Canabarro – “Malaguena”
Calexico – “Fake Fur”
Montage: Buzzfeed Video – “Heartbreaking Confessions of Undocumented Immigrants”

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