Anthropological Airwaves is a podcast that explores the craft of anthropology in all of its forms. Building on the journal’s commitment to four-field, multimodal research, the podcast hosts conversations about anthropological projects—from fieldwork and publishing to the discipline’s role in public debates. By demystifying the craft of anthropology, the podcast broaches a series of fundamental questions about past, present, and future disciplinary practice, and charts new paths for anthropological engagement.

Episode 1 includes an interview with Deborah Thomas about her vision for the journal and website as well as a discussion about the nexus of race and science featuring Dorothy Roberts, Michael Yudell, and Sarah Tishkoff.


Interviewers: Arjun Shankar, Kyle Olson, Amber Henry
Richie Dagger’s Crime – Methods
Roulet – Amor
Broke for Free – Warm Up Suit
Ars Sonor – Nityānitya Vastu Viveka
Bill Clinton Human Genome Announcement
W. E. B. Du Bois Speaks! The Revolt in Africa


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